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Solar energy that doesn’t block the view

A team of researchers at Michigan State University has developed a new type of solar concentrator that when placed over a window creates solar energy while allowing people to actually see through the window. It is called a transparent luminescent solar concentrator and can be used on buildings, cell phones and any other device that has a clear surface. And, according to Richard Lunt of MSU’s College of Engineering, the key word is “transparent.”

[read more at MSU] [paper] [picture credit: Yimu Zhao]


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100% do not understand tumblrs hate for scientists being interested in mental illnesses

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So I watched this music video, and this is in fact completely untrue. There are many scenes in which black/brown girls are casted.

One could conceivably argue that  any white star who features twerking in a music video is automatically being exploitative.

However, that was not my perception of this video in particular. It actually appeared to me the director took pains to portray a variety of dance styles (ballet, interpretive dance, rhythmic gymnastics, break dancing, twerking, cheerleading, etc.) all as equally valid art forms. Every performing group in the video includes a variety of ethnicities. I think I did actually see a black/brown dancer in the ballet troupe, though it’s difficult to tell. Look in the rear left of this gif:

We don’t know if they cast individual dancers or hired a dance troupe, so if black women are underrepresented that might say more about the dance troupe’s selection practices than the video director’s casting practices.

All the styles of dance, ballet or otherwise are presented in the same fashion — talented professionals being brilliant + Taylor Swift being endearingly incompetent. The black women in the video aren’t portrayed as Taylor’s dancing accessories, but rather as experts in their style:

Moreover, at the end of the video there’s a sequence showing all the different professionals being silly and dancing in a non-choreographed manner, thereby humanizing them, showing they exist outside of their role as dancers in Taylor’s video:

I think if we interpret the twerking scenes in this video as demeaning, that says more about our cultural perception of black women than it does about this particular video’s specific portrayal of black women. 

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Go to your nearest target. Buy a two pack of pushup bras (24$ for 2), and target’s bra inserts (12$). Then go to your nearest Walmart and buy the Vasserette Control Shapewear Panties (2.50 each), they do wonders for helping your tuck. There you go! You just saved yourself a lot of money, you can afford to buy enough to wear every day, and best of all you look fabulous. -@twidx

recs for trans women are so rare on tumblr!! spread this, people.

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Puppy growing up, no hesitation on the second jump. [video]

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I feel like the werewolf genre just makes werewolves generic bad asses too often without exploring some of the pitfalls of being a werewolf….like not wanting to rip your nice clothes because you gotta tear off a dude’s face. (To be fair, she normally would wear clothes that aren’t as nice, but it was an emergency.)

I’m working on pulling together a lengthy werewolf comic story, and this is sort of a little test comic to see if I can deal with drawing werewolves constantly. (Not a problem. It’s super fun to draw werewolves.)

Seriously! And what about being a young adult werewolf in THIS economy? You can’t just go ripping all your clothes apart every time there’s a turf war! What about rent? What if you don’t want to eat deer carcass for the fifth time this week? Maybe you want to go out to that cool new Vietnamese food place with your friends, but NOPE, sorry guys, I need to go and buy an entire new wardrobe because SOME people just HAD to come into my forest and challenge me on the field of werewolf honor. UGH.

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me attempting to reach the goals I’ve set in life


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"Fuck you. I’m the well educated black man"

The Horrifying Tumblr Critic

I’m the Obsessive Customer and I swear to god I am going to flood your complaints box.

Fear me! I’m the ATM convenience fee!

behold! the white bitch. basically. :P

BEHOLD! THE car alarm.

Egads! It’s they buzzkill!

The pretentious bible nazi. Wow i


It is I! The overwhelming car alarm! Fear me!




we Americans act really cocky and assholey about freedom to hide the fact that our government is crumbling and nobody is actually free so please give us this one day to be annoying about it

Kinda feel bad for poor Americans now. A bit like the asshole kid who you realise is only acting like that cuz their parents are cruel and neglectful.

That’s painfully accurate.

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george takei is a gift to humanity


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I̸ ͙͖͍̜̰k͖̗͇̰̦̯̀ͅn̴̖̖̪ó̝̬̲̗̞ͅw ̮̟̕a͖͞ ̫̳̜̱͓̠w̰̗͎͇ͅe͚̞͉̺̜̺̝en̨̻̳i̖̣̩͉͉͕͡e͙͇ ̕m̮a̛̰̠͇͚̟̱ͅn͉.͙̤̲̭́.͔.̰͍͙̣

Hallowiener: Full Sequence coming to the Steam Workshop, Scream Fortress 2014.

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welcome to plastic surgery addicts anonymous. i’m seeing a lot of new faces in the crowd this week and i just have to say i’m really disappointed

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I have never heard sweeter music.

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Every group has that one friend… [banglesong]


Every group has that one friend… [banglesong]